Glo-Fi Drums - x200 Glo-fi & Chillwave Drum Loops

Glo-Fi Drums - x200 Glo-fi & Chillwave Drum Loops


Travel Back In Time with our Glo-fi Drumloops.

We utilised vintage drum machines, old school FX units and output all through a vintage Neve console and Revox Tape machine to delivery the authentic retro tone with our Glo-Fi Drum Loops.

Over 200 Extremely retro drumloops. Sampled and produced from a wide variety of instrumentation and machines then processed through the all analogue chain - get that lo-fi, lazy chillwave haze you just can't find in other packs.

All meticulously produced at 90 and 100 BPM at 44Khz 24 Bit - with both individual loop layers and top loops alongside ready mixed drum groups to give you professional results as well as inspire you for further creativeity.

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