How To Activate Your HY Plugins

How To Activate Your HY Plugins

This process is covers ALL HY-Plugins regardless of type.

Buying HY plugins from SOUND7 you will now have received your product activation code at checkout, in your order confirmation email and if you opted to create a SOUND7 account you can find it in your account order page.

To use your purchased plug-ins, you first need to activate your code within the plugin itself.

First download the HY Plugin here for your OS: 


  1. Run through the installer for your OS.
  2. Then load your DAW of choice.
  3. From that load the newly installed HY-Poly Plugin
  4. Click 'Demo' from the Plugin and enter registration number.

See the video below for a visual aid.

Any problems registering your new VST/AU Plugin then get in contact and we'll get you set up.

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