Your Guide To The Best Trance Sound Packs

Your Guide To The Best Trance Sound Packs

Struggling to find the right trance sound pack for your needs? This is compounded when you're on a limited budget and don't want to waste time or money trawling through store pages and dropping money on something that perhaps is too laid back or too euphoric for your styles. Whilst presets and samples can be adapted to work with many styles it's important to get the right sound pack for your needs.

Each synth has a character sound that lends itself really well to certain styles and we always try to work with the synths to bring the best of these out of it. So we've broken down our best trance sound packs to give you easily digestible information for getting the best trance sounds for you.

Serum Future Trance Volume 1 and 2

serum trance presets

A cutting edge sound bank, focussing on sounds that would not be considered 'classic' trance sounds of yesteryear. Instead these trance presets focus on next gen sounds that have not yet seeped into the Trance mainstream. Ideal if you're working on blended trance genres or really want the latest sound.

Spire Progressive Moments

A collection of Spire trance presets that focus on more progressive Trance and Progressive house type sounds. Spires synth architecture lends itself well to snappy, progressive style sounds.

Ideal for: Progressive House producers, Progressive Trance producers.

Spire Trance Zero

A pack of Trance presets for Spire which focus on Mainstream Trance. Think Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin typical Modern Dutch Trance. These Trance sounds focus on big room filler leads, searing synths, euphoric pads and driving baselines. Sounds will be modern in style.

Sylenth1 Trance Essentials

These Sylenth trance presets are aimed at offering a really solid set of excellent quality bread and butter sounds. Presets range from unique trance sounds you won't find in other packs to some really classic trance sounds you'll know and love. Ideal if you're looking for a high quality general purpose Trance preset pack that can cover many basis well.

Thorn Trance Euphoria

Thorn trance presets

A clear emphasis in this Trance sound pack on euphoric trance sounds. A lot of high quality modern sounds focussing on euphoric trance. Solid bass, really epic pads and some very cutting edge sounds that you just can't get from other synth sound sets.

Strobe2 Foundations

Strobe2 trance presets

A solid set of trance presets which aims to cover classic genres of trance and progressive house. Familiar favourites with enough unique sounds to help you build your sound.

Ideal for bread and butter Trance sounds, Trance sounds with substance and weight.

Diva Current Trends

Diva current trance presets

Inspiration taken from all the current trends of the Trance scene. Some very unique, weighty sounds with true depth and clarity, taking centre stage in your productions. Excellent sound quality, and with so much harmonics these sounds are ideal for melodic and progressive styles.

Hopefully you'll now be much better informed to find the best trance presets for your productions and can spend less time reading and more time producing Trance.


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