The Best Places To Buy VST Plugins

The Best Places To Buy VST Plugins

There are a multitude of places to purchase new synth and effect plugins. But with so many options on offer it can be difficult to find the best deals whilst also ensuring you're getting your plugins from an authorised retailer.

Making sure your music production plugins come an authorised retailer means you'll receive premium support from both the reseller and developer whilst also ensures you'll be eligible to receive free or discounted upgrades to future versions directly from the plugin developer or audio company themselves.

So if you're looking for the best places to buy plugins and you want to ensure you're buying from the correct channels then this is the guide for you. It'll help you locate the best retailers and navigate the best options for your preferences for your plugin purchases whether that's cost, speed or loyalty.

Follow this easy to digest article to help you on your way, it covers VST, VSTi and covers synth and effect plugins.



SOUND7 Audio plugin retailer

SOUND7 are a specialist in sound design, audio production, and music production software particularly focusing on audio plugins, sound banks and sample packs.

Their VST plugin prices are some of the best priced on the planet compared with rivals such as PluginBoutique. They have big brands available such as U-he, Sound Toys, FabFilter and more.

They also offer instant access to licenses upon purchase and many different payment options based on your specific location.  

  • Upsides: Most affordable, one of the quickest for plugins delivery and support speed. No ads. The more selective range of only high quality plugins means less time wasted trying weeding through low tier plugins.
  • Downsides: No financing or 'Klarna' like payment schemes. 

Plugin Company Direct

Link: Various

U-he plugin developer

Purchasing plugins directly from the plugin developer directly ensures you're getting the software straight from the developers. This often means faster support and access to updates. Additionally, buying directly from the source can sometimes come with exclusive offers or discounts.

  • Upsides: Developer receives the full purchase price of their efforts with no retailers taking a portion of the sale. Ensures you receive updates/discounts directly.
  • Downsides: Can be more expensive and often no financing or 'Klarna' like payment options. 



Plugin Boutique audio retailer

PluginBoutique is a reputable online retailer specializing in audio plugins and software. They often have a wide selection of products, probably the largest range around. PluginBoutique frequently offers promotions, discounts, and bundle deals, making it a popular choice among producers and musicians.

  • Upsides: They offer 'points' for every purchase which can be accrued and redeemed as money off future purchases from them. Flexible financing and 'Klarna' like payment schemes.
  • Downsides: Not always the most affordable place to buy. Visually difficult to navigate website with multiple ad tiles dominating the screen and large variety of product means it can be difficult to serape the good from the less good.



Gear4music retailer

Gear4music is a well-established retailer in the music industry, known for its vast inventory of music gear and software. While Gear4music primarily caters to musicians and producers, they also offer a selection of audio plugins, including the big players like U-he, Sound Toys etc at some really competitive prices. Shopping at Gear4music provides payment options such as financing and buying over a period of time which can make the outright cost for the individual more accessible.

  • Upsides: One of the most highly competitive on prices, usually beating most other retailers on price.  Flexible financing and 'Klarna' like payment schemes.
  • Downsides: Still not the absolute cheapest place to buy plugins. Not a plugin specialist so technical support quality may vary.

KVR Marketplace


kvr audio forum

The KVR Marketplace is a platform within the KVR Audio community where users can buy, sell, and trade audio plugins and software licenses. While purchasing from the KVR Marketplace can sometimes result in finding deals or discounted listings, but you can easily lead into the forums 'used' marketplace where it's essential to exercise caution and ensure you're buying from a reputable seller to avoid potential issues with licenses or software authenticity. 

  • Upsides: Fairly affordable. Loyalty points awarded on purchases which are redeemable against future purchases.
  • Downsides: Convoluted navigation with plenty of ads to distract you. Limited payment options.

Wrapping up..

Whether your criteria is cost, support, loyalty rewards or speed of delivery you can now make the right choices on your purchasing criteria and head to the right outlet for your VST plugin purchases.

What's more buying from the above sources guarantees you receive an original, legitimate, licensed version of the plugin, meaning you get full support and future upgrade options whilst safeguarding s the income streams for the developer and music production eco-system.