News Release: Analogue Hits for Diva

News Release: Analogue Hits for Diva

SOUND7 is proud to feature U-he Diva Analogue Hits From SwanAudio. A stunning sound pack of 87 Synthwave inspired presets.

A collection of genuinely useful and inspiring synthwave presets. With applications ranging from Retro, 80s, chillwave and the synthwave styles such as outrun, vapourwave and retrowave.

Synthwave presets for diva

An inclusion of 87 sounds from hit tracks which have been specially crafted from hit songs alongside 40 new sounds providing you with 127 high quality synthwave style presets. 

In total there's

100 U-he Diva Synthwave Presets with;

  • 12 ARPS
  • 28 Bass
  • 5 Brass
  • 7 FX
  • 19 Keys
  • 29 Leads
  • 15 Pads
  • 6 Perc
  • 6 Strings
Some of the preview tracks on show in the audio demo are simply mind-blowing. Like an instant synthwave injection right into your productions.

What are you waiting for?