The Best FREE Sample Resources

The Best FREE Sample Resources

Are you looking for high quality free samples? It can be difficult to find good free samples, many are low quality or not sorted in the correct categories making your production life difficult.

Not only that but the sample hunt takes valuable time away from actually producing music. So how can you quickly find the best free sample packs?

We've listed some of the top free resources for samples and sample packs emphasising quality over quantity to quickly get your music productions up and running in the way that you need.

SOUND7 Free Samples

SOUND7 now provide a range of high quality free samples. All produced in house via acoustically treated studio with all analogue sound sources. Our samples are unique to us and include flexible license to ensure Music producers can use them to their maximum sonic potential.

Free sample packs at sound7

Rhythm Lab Free Drum Samples

Absolutely huge range of free samples ranging from drums, break beats, synths and samples even the glitch genres.

The content on offer here is huge in terms of volume and the quality is up there as well, categorisation is a bit of a challenge so finding what you want can take a little while but it's well worth the effort and there’s a handy search function along with the ability to filter by free content only so you be a fool not to have a dig around here.

Rhythm lab samples

Goldbaby Free Samples

Goldbaby is the second largest resource available of high quality free samples everything from straight beats to synth sounds signs and everything else in between.

Many have a lot of processing applied whilst some packs are just stright samples so there is lots of opportunity here to be able to find something that you want. Goldbaby are pretty well renowned nowadays for the quality of their commercial content so you can be assured that the free samples are up to the same standard.

Goldbaby samples

LEGOWELT Sample Kits

A really nice collection of free samples for some particularly quirky machines the things in there from the Korg Electribe, Roland JV 1080 the fabled Yamaha DX7 amongst others. All the samples are well recorded and sound really good and come in WAV format so drop straight into pretty much every DAW and audio production hardware available today.

Legowelt Samples

Boxed Ear

Some very tasty samples from now decidedly vintage pieces including the Roland CompuRythm CR-78 and Roland R-8 MkII Really cleanly recorded sample from devices such as the Roland R-8 the Dave Smith Tempest and the Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 The samples are all high quality and represent the base sounds without any processing so provide a great foundation on which to build your own drum kits or manipulate further, fit your productions.

Boxed ear samples

So there's your ultimate free sample list. Now spread the word and share the sample love, more producers using great content means more excellent music being made and more recognition for our fellow musicians and producers trying to get recognised.

Let's help positively improve the scene 1 sample at a time. 

Know any other resources? Get in contact and we'll add them here.

If you're looking for further high quality sample packs see how also browse our exclusive sets below