U-he Diva Virtual Analogue Synth // What is it?

U-he Diva Virtual Analogue Synth // What is it?

U-he Diva - a powerhouse of a Software Synthesizer.

It adopts a semi modular approach allowing you to swap out different oscillator, filters and envelope sections.

There's also a pre-filter section with different moduules for hi-pass filters or overdrive.

Each module is modelled on a particular 'vintage synth' from the Jupiter 8, Alpha Juno Roland Jupiter 6, Juno 60, Moog's Minimoog and Korg MS20

There's an effects section with Chorus/Phaser/Flanger, Delay, Reverb and Rotrary speaker emulation.

Extended options are present which allows individual voice detuning, envelope slop, and control over transients and oscillators restart amongst other things.

Modulation options are well presented with the usual LFO, Velocity, after touch but also some fairly complex mods available as sources or modifiers such as being able to add env + lfo together to create more unique mod sources.

Presets are aplenty with 1000's of sounds available both as part of the library and from many third party providers.

Diva regularly makes our top 10 synth lists in various guises and we did a video review here:

Usage wise the panels are laid out well, easily accessible and the GUI offering various UI scaling so their'll be something to suit all monitors and screen spaces.

Sound quality

Diva absolutely sings, there's an organic authenticity to it's sound that's hard to match in other synths. Often at times, especially on higher quality settings (Diva offers different quality levels) you'd be hard pressed to spot the software sound in a A vs B blind test. Some aliasing in the higher registers particularly on lower settings but it's well developed and only apparently under the most extremes of pitch. Outside the range of what you'd be using in any project.

Is U-he Diva Any good? Overall it's a superbly well-rounded synthesizer. Capable of some truly excellent sounds and offers a lot of value for money. It'd do very well as a centre stage synth offering a wide breadth and depth of sonic ability from bread and butter to esoteric. 

If you're a master of modulation matrixes and thrive in a black hole of evolving sound scapes then you may want to look elsewhere but for everything else Diva is hard to ignore.

Looking for the best Diva sound packs?

Then check out our SOUND SHOP for some of our own presets. If you're into Trance check out our Diva Trance presets as well as our article on the best external sources for Trance presets where Diva is sure to feature 

All in all - this is a superb synth both in audio quality and usability.