Top 10 Trance Software Synths Of 2024

Top 10 Trance Software Synths Of 2024

So we're back with the definitive list of must have Trance synths of 2024.

Whether you're starting out, an experienced producer looking to expand or or upgrade or just looking for some easily digestible Trance production brain food there's something here for every Trance producer.

So in no particular order:

10 Best Trance Synths of 2024

Synapse Audio Dune 3

Dune 3 Any good for trance?

Dune 3 is a multi oscillator soft synth that supports FM, VA and Wavetable synthesise. Simple hands on approach to sound design and a back catalogue of 1000's of presets including backwards compatibility with Dune 2.

Good for:

  • Producers starting out
  • Producers looking for a solid workable sound
  • Producers who think if Serum married Spire they'd make the perfect synth offspring. Dune 3 would be that offspring.

Not good for:

  • Producers looking for maximum modulation
  • Producers who get hung up on audio quality

Reveal Sound Spire

Spire any good for trance?

Spire synth made it onto our previous top 5 Trance synths list and for good reason, it's simple in layout with a largely 1 page front panel with enough flexibility and control to keep experienced producers interested and coming back.

The in-built effects work well with the overall oscillator and filter characters.

Good for:

  • Producers looking for the quintessential trance sound of 2024
  • Producers who want a large back catalogue of ready made presets

Not good for:

  • Producers looking for truly deep modulation with complex evolving sounds


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Xfer Serum

Serum any good for trance?

Serum, the ubiquitous Synth that's found its way intro commercial tracks ranging from hardcore D&B to chart topping pop songs and another one from our Top 5 Trance Synths Article. A fairly easy GUI coupled with a deep modulation system and ability to import your own wavs as wavetable oscillators means it works well for both newcomers wanting quick sounds and experienced producers looking to twist and mangle their own.

Good for:

  • Producers who want pristine sound quality
  • Producers who love modulation

Not good for:

  • Producers who like a characterful sound
  • Analogue purists

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Native Instruments Massive X

Massive x good for trance?

Native Instruments upgrade to the popular Massive Synth. Updated with new and improved features. It's been a staple for Trance producers, particularly those you blend genres such as D&B, Trap, EDM and Trance and those on the hard end of the Trance spectrum.

Good for:

  • Genre blending producers
  • Producers looking for a modern, pristine sound.
  • Producers who love modulation

Not good for:

  • Wavetable haters
  • Analogue purists


U-he Hive 2 

Hive a good synth for trance

A hugely capable Trance synth offering enough depth of sound and flexibility of control without sacrificing audio quality or requiring a 10 Core CPU to make it sound its' best.


Good for:

  • Producers looking for a workhorse Trance synth
  • Producers who like a largely all on front panel control scheme
  • Producers who favour audio quality
  • Producers who feel at home with Synths such as Spire and Serum

Not good for:

  • Producers who hate high quality well rounded excellent sounding Trance synths...

DSAudio Thorn

thorn a good synth for trance

DS Audio Thorn is a relative newcomer to the Trance music scene. Punchy sounds, capable FX and a semi modulation system has seen it become a popular favourite amongst many Trance producers

Good for:

  • Producers who want something a bit different sounding
  • Producers who like playing with modulation

Not good for:

  • The analogue sound purists

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Lennar Digital Sylenth1

Sylenth1 a good synth for trance

Sylenth1 is the genre defining Trance synth of modern age. Easy to use whilst offering enough flexibility and control to satisfy veteran sound designers. It's also very CPU friendly. Sylenth1 also made our previous Top 5 Trance Synths article 

Good for:

  • Beginners and pros alike
  • Producers looking for THAT trance sound
  • Producers on older hardware

Not good for:

  • Producers who think newest is greatest
  • Producers looking for long, modulated evolving sounds.

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Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Omnisphere a good synth for trance

A Synth rompler of gigantic proportions. With a simply excellent and huge sound library there's still much milage to be found in Omnisphere for Trance

Good for:

  • Producers of Epic Trance
  • Trance Producers who may also produce Film, Cinematic or Soundtrack.
  • People wanting excellent sounding long lasting utility for their money

Not good for

  • Producers who want control of every synth parameter
  • Producers on a budget

Vengeance Sound Avenger

vps avenger a good synth for trance

A powerhouse of control, flexibility and sound in equal measures. Vengeance sound also known for their high quality sounds means you'll get top drawer presets in their 1000s with this synth. 

Good for:

  • Producers who want the maximum of controls to play with
  • Producers who also want high quality synth presets
  • Producers who want Trance in a box

Not good for:

  • Producers who are easily overwhelmed at too many options


ReFX Nexus 2

nexus 2 a good synth for trance

Good for:

  • Mainstream 'commercial' Trance
  • Producers who want excellent out of the box sounds 
  • Producers who want 1 key press trance tracks

Not good for:

  • Producers who like complete control over their sounds
  • Producers who hate commercial trance 
  • Elitists who despise taking shortcuts 

No matter what synths you're using what most producers look for are high quality sounds and presets.

Be sure to check out some of the featured trance preset packs in this list from the collection below..