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Ambika - PolyPack Vol. 2

Ambika - PolyPack Vol. 2

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100 presets for Mutable Instruments Ambika

100 more fresh patches for the Ambika - 6 voice hybrid poly synth from Mutable Instruments.
Pads, Keys, Drones and more. The designer leaning quite hard into the digital side of the synth in this set
The lead designer says this of the pack: My own Ambika is a 6xSVF build with the latest YAM firmware installed,
but all the patches use the standard LPF so will be compatible with the majority of Ambika's out there, but you may need to install the YAM firmware to get use of the extra Oscillators included.

Installation Instructions.

The zip file maintains the same folder structure as your own SD card, so please copy both folders marked "A" to the corresponding locations.

Please rename the PROGRAM folder from A to your desired bank location.
I programmed these patches in full 6 Voice poly mode and I have also included the MULTI file
needed to configure your own Ambika to the same settings. (If you own my other pack you can ignore this step)
Copy the "A" folder inside "Multi" to your SD card location etc....
Turn on your Ambika and go to the "Library" page 
Press S1 to select "Multi" then S7 to select "More" and then S2 to select ">ini"
and then finally you might have to click "Yes" 
Now your Ambika will be in 6 voice mode everytime you boot it up.
The latest builds of the YAM firmware can be found here :-
with discussion on the Mutable instruments forum :-
No sequences or arpeggios are included but some patches do use the step sequencer for modulation.
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