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A Hard Hitting Electronic Focussed Sample Pack

300+ MB of pure analog sound. 50 sequences inspired by the best in Techno, Deep and Progressive sounds. 

Organic, lifelike, sounds with movement, sounds with texture. Sounds to inspire.

Produced with all analog hardware. The kit list these sounds were extracted from is almost too big to list. Suffice to say there's sounds from Studio Electronics Se-3X, original Roland SH-101s, MFB Dominion, Erica Synths DB-01 and Syntrx and all sounds garnished with high quality analog creative FX including Moog Mf 108, Original Roland Space Echo, Sherman Filterbank and more.

Finally, for extra warmth and body final processing was done with the Analog Manley Varible MU and Iron Age Compressors

What included in this sample pack:

  • 50 Analog Sequence WAVE files
  • 50 Corresponding MIDI files for each sequence

BPM: 120 BPM

Type: WAV

If you looking for next level Techno/Progressive focussed samples then this sample pack is brimmed with quality sound which is sure to provide deep inspiration and high quality samples to give you a professional sounding output right at the composition stage.

Demo features drums from the BrainFeed Sample Pack

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