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Analog Lab - Analogical Analogy

Analog Lab - Analogical Analogy

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Analogical Analogy

100 presets for Arturia Analog Lab (Analog Lab Intro compatible).

This set contains presets crafted on various Arturia synths (V Collection, Pigments and Augmented serie), so you can find wide range of sounds for your music.

You may expect deep smooth pads here, hard basses, melodic leads and nice plucks - ready to use in your songs.

The idea behind the creation of this set was to create presets that would be immediately ready for use in composing, without any additional changes or tweaking.

Offered at an unbeatably affordable price point this is a "must have" set, use it to dive into a sonic universe of unparalleled richness with our meticulously crafted sound pack for Arturia Analog Lab.

Each sound is expertly designed to spark creativity and elevate your music production to new heights. From lush pads to gritty basslines, soaring leads to intricate sequences, this collection offers a diverse palette of analog-inspired sounds that will breathe life into your compositions.

Whether you're producing electronic, ambient, pop, or beyond, these meticulously crafted presets are sure to inspire and captivate your audience. Unleash the power of Analog Lab and elevate your music production today!
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