Analog RYTM - Analoc Tekno

Analog RYTM - Analoc Tekno

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A full featured Analog RYTM Dub Techno / Ambient House Production Pack

16 Ready made kits each with their own flavour and style. Laid out in a logically musical fashion, making use where possible of existing naming schemes for easy use in your live and studio environment.

16 Patterns, laid out in sequence across the 16 trigger buttons, each attached to their associated kits for instant song starter ideas or to build full tracks out of in their entirety.  

116 Sounds created from a mix of pure RYTM synthesis as well as a blend of synthesis and samples curated and recorded from our own analog studio and centred around the dub techno flavour.

Dubby chords, deep tom style basses, rounded kicks and sublimely suitable percussions sit amongst the genre defining snare, clap and hat sounds.

Providing dndless possibilities to mix and match the kits, patterns and sounds or build your own kits from the 116 strong sounds.

Macro Ready

Each kit comes complete with ready made Macros and assigned QuickPerf for on the fly sound alteration and quick sparks of original ideas, creative inspiration or just easy variations to use within a live environment.

So whether you're looking to build your next Techno / Ambient House live set or expanding upon your current studio productions this Analog RYTM sound pack delivers the right blend of sounds and production ready material and is ready to use right out of the box.

What's included in the Sounds?

Just looking to grab the Sounds Pack? 

Included is a combination of singular and dual purpose sounds such as:

  • 17 Kicks
  • 9 Snare
  • 10 Clap
  • 17 Tom
  • 18 Percussion
  • 14 Hats
  • 12 Cymbals
  • 14 Chords
  • 13 Bass
  • 4 Synth

Everything you hear in the demo is 100% from the Analog RYTM Sounds Pack provided.

Note: Requires Transfer app 1.4 + for project/sound transfer. Get it from Elektron direct here:



RYTM Sound Pack Installation Instructions

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