Analog RYTM - Dublicious

Analog RYTM - Dublicious

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A Dub Techno focussed sound pack exclusively for the Elektron Analog RYTM

Taking everything good from our Analoc Tekno series and refined down to a pure concentrate of Dub Techno we've produced 'Dublicious'

100% new content, built from the ground up with new sample content exclusively from all analog sources programmed in conjunction with Analog RYTMs synthesis engine for that truly sublime dub sound.

120 individual dub techno sounds support the 16 patterns and 16 kits on offer here. 

Extended use of patterns with variations on each last bar to inject automatic interest and variation into your sound.

16 Kits of pure dub techno at your disposal featuring loopable FX textures, Deep dub kicks, fizzy analog hats, dark resonant claps, Basslines, and the all important dub style toms. All collated into themed kits, ready to browse, explore, play and start creating with.

Each kit includes useful pre-loaded performance macros with enough room left to grow your own too. 

This is a A high quality Analog RYTM sound pack ideally suited for Studio dub techno production or creating of live sets and techno performances. Are you ready?

Sound Pack Contents:

  • 164 Original Wav Samples
  • 120 Individual Analog RYTM Sounds
  • 16 Dub Techno Kits
  • 16 Extended Play Patterns


Here's how to install kits, patterns, projects and sounds to the Analog RYTM

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Customer Reviews

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Respectful Remixer
This is great!

This is great! my rytm has re invented itself..the beast has been unleashed!

Mick Doolin

really helped me out of a production rut with my rytm and help keep it around

was on the very of considering selling it as I am not great at programming it with lots to remember and complex aspects to learn

I just want to create on it so this pack and the other dub ones really helped me focus on just making my dub techno sounds and beats rather than fighting with trying to get the right sounds myself

I was invited to review my purchases but no money or discounts or incentives were given to write my review in favour or against, just put my thoughts down.