Analog RYTM - Fractious II

Analog RYTM - Fractious II

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Vol 2 of our genre twisting RYTM sound pack including new patterns, new kits and new sounds.

Carefully nuanced sounds, quirky beats and patterns interspersed with off the wall tones. There's everything from synth bleeps, and almost traditional kicks to unorthodox percussion and kooky sound FX.

Sound Pack Contents:

  • 100+ Brand New Individual Analog RYTM Sounds, each saved and categorised by type.
  • 16 Complete RYTM Kits
  • 16 RYTM Patterns
  • All built within 1 Full Project

You'll find less classic tones and more non traditional sounds. 

A mixture of RYTM machines both in isolation and layered with custom recorded samples from all analog gear.

Genre blends have been inspired from sounds of Industrial, Reggae, Dub Step, Dub Techno and Glitch. 

Use the Elektron TRANSFER app to quickly, easily install these RYTM kits, patterns, projects in just a few clicks.

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