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Arturia Prophet VS - Summer School '86 Sound Bank

Arturia Prophet VS - Summer School '86 Sound Bank

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You really blew it this time. You failed Chemistry. Now you have no option: you have to go to summer school. A hot walk every morning and a hotter walk home. Emptier hallways, quieter lunchroom and no chance of sleeping in. But one afternoon you go to the local music shop and get to try out a new instrument: The Sequential Prophet VS. All-digital oscillators with vector cross-fading. You've never heard anything like it, and it's sound seems to keep echoing in your head all summer...

A bank of 30 patches showcasing the unique beauty of this instrument's design and sound, while still focusing on warmth and musicality, and providing a complexity not found in other Polydata sound banks. The sound that will always take you back to that summer.

** Note: This is for the original "Prophet V3" plug-in,  not the newer "Prophet VS V" plug-in that comes with V Collection 9. Please ensure you have access to the correct plug-in before purchasing. There are no refunds or exchanges after purchase.**

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