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bx_oberhausen - The Sweet Spot

bx_oberhausen - The Sweet Spot

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BX_Oberhausen Preset Pack - 150 Presets delivering sounds from the pioneering era of electronic sound design

Using BX_Oberhausen’s modulation matrix to the full, every patch is designed to be as expressive and dynamic as possible and to emulate the feeling of playing a real SEM.

This preset pack features classic analog synth sounds from the 1970’s and 80s from sumptuous brass swells, distorted lo-fi pads, thumping basses, drifty analog synth sounds, plucky arpeggios, searing lead sounds amongst others.

Immensely playable sounds brimming with bold character and wildly creative expression built right into the patch waiting to be let loose into your music projects.

Anyone with even a passing interest in vintage or retro sound design, sound FX, classic tones or sound for Film and Cinema should be checking this pack out to add to their sound library.

What's included?

  • 36 ARPS
  • 36 Bass
  • 20 Pads
  • 56 Synths


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