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Cherry Audio Polymode - CIrcuit '76

Cherry Audio Polymode - CIrcuit '76

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Based on the classic and one-of-a-kind Moog Polymoog synthesizer, the Cherry Audio Polymode plug-in captures all the magic of this unique 70's staple.

A bank of 30 patches for instant inspiration and vibe. It has all the thick tonal character of the original with some very thoughtful workflow enhancements. What I love about this instrument is that it gets you to think in a different way and come up with different ideas. It doesn't respond to your playing like a typical poly synth would, and programming it requires different approaches, so you end up thinking outside the box and building fresh ideas.
**THESE PATCHES WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE CHERRY AUDIO POLYMODE PLUG-IN. There are no refunds or exchanges after purchase.**
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