Arturia Minifreak - Untold Stories Vol. 2

Arturia Minifreak - Untold Stories Vol. 2

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 Untold Stories Vol.2 is our second preset expander for the very unconventional new synthesizer from Arturia called the MiniFreak. It features 64 presets that we crafted and optimized for both the software and hardware.

Although we’ve created numerous factory patches for the MiniFreak and even released an initial expander, we believe there’s still much to say about this versatile synthesizer. Our latest package contains a diverse range of sounds that can elevate your music across multiple genres, available for both the MiniFreak and MiniFreak-V plug-in. We invite you to listen to the demos and decide if these sounds can enrich your own productions and performances.

The MiniFreak has already received widespread acclaim from the synthesizer community, and we fully understand why. In fact we love it too and you can read more about this in our comprehensive review on our website.

All sounds use velocity, both macros, mod wheel and make heavy use of the matrix and aftertouch capabilities. Lastly, all presets have detailed descriptions. They are created with MiniFreak v1.1.0.1080.

It’s time to continue the story once again!

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