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Deepmind - Analog History

Deepmind - Analog History

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Analog History for Behringer DeepMind

Take a sonic tour of this Deepmind sound pack - Analog Synth History.

Analog History is the first preset pack by Solidtrax for the comprehensive Behringer DeepMind series of synths (6/12/D) a synth of true analog and stunning capability at a very affordable price.


It features two oscillators with a broad selection of modulation sources. Together with the highpass and resonant lowpass filters based on Rolands design from the 80's, the 8 channel modulation matrix, plenty of (loopable) envelopes, a sequencer and 4 effect processors it goes without saying that this is a very capable synthesizer.

 This Deepmind sound pack ranges from soaring mono leads to punching drums and from warm pads to mesmerising ambient textures. Together with fat basses, freaky effects, stab and retro poly synth sounds we are convinced that you will inject your compositions and productions with a lot of inspiration.


Most sounds use velocity, mod wheel and aftertouch and make heavy use of the modulation matrix for really unique expressive tones. These presets are created with the ambient, cinematic, synthwave and various sorts of electronic dance music genres in mind.

Created with Behringers Deepmind OS v1.1.2


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