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Deepmind - Cinematica Vol. 2

Deepmind - Cinematica Vol. 2

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Explore some of the Deepest sounds available for the Behringer Deepmind synthesizer.

60 handcrafted professionally produced Deepmind presets which were inspired by the greatest Cinema and sound for picture. There's classic recreations of famous vintage synth film sound tracks including Roland Juno, Moog Mini, and Yamaha CS.

Avoid the frustration with dull, lifeless sounds and be inspired with these professionally produced sounds tailored specifically for your genres and Deepmind synth. Simply download, install and play.

What's included?

  • Leads
  • Bass
  • ARP
  • Pads
  • Strings
  • Plucks

These Behringer Deepmind presets contain full modulation from Aftertouch and Mod-Wheel for maximum playability and usability.

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