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Diva - Dark Vision 2

Diva - Dark Vision 2

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Dark Vision 2 is another deep dive into horror film scores from the late 1970s and early 1980s, featuring 127 patches for u-he Diva that evoke the synthesizer-heavy soundtracks of classic horror movies, giallo thrillers, and obscure video nasties.

For this set we have taken inspiration from pioneering composers such as Walter Rizzati, Goblin, Jay Chattaway, Fred Myrow, Chris Burke, Mort Garson, John Harrison and John Carpenter, as well as synth horror revivalists like Steve Moore, Mac Quayle and Vercetti Technicolor.

Inside you will find ominous analog basses, spine-tingling bells, howling leads, funereal organs, menacing pads and drones, growling stabs, eerie strings, resonant sound effects, and more. Most patches have parameters mapped to modwheel and aftertouch for expressive performances, and NKS presets are included for integration with Native Instruments hardware.

Dark Vision 2 is ideal for scoring synth-heavy horror films – real or imagined – or producing music in horror-adjacent genres such as synthwave, horror disco, hauntology and dark ambient.


  • 19 bass patches
  • 11 bell patches
  • 5 brass patches
  • 17 key patches
  • 21 lead patches
  • 20 pad patches
  • 2 percussion patches
  • 8 pluck patches
  • 7 sound effect patches
  • 7 string patches
  • 10 general synth patches
  • All patches in Native Instruments NKS format
  • PDF User Guide


u-he Diva is required to open this soundset.


“The care and detail with which these sounds have been designed is astonishing”
–Jamie Blanks, director/composer

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