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Diva - Regenerate

Diva - Regenerate

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Diva Preset Pack - Regenerate // 150 Diva Synth Plugin Presets.

Regenerate a brand new soundset for U-he’s Diva synth.

A pack of 150 Diva presets comprising a range of sounds to boost your library with - there's enough content here to build entire tracks out of with.

Get ready for an innovative and unorthadox Diva sound pack. While you'll definitely find those lush pads there’s also so much more to explore within this pack. A lot of grit and cinematic darkness, intricate sounds and complex mind bending tones In all cases try using the mod wheel to explore the even more sonic depths, something interesting, unpredictable but wildly interesting is likely to happen.

What's included in the sound pack?

  • 19 ARPS
  • 19 Bass
  • 14 Basslines
  • 13 Leads
  • 12 Loops
  • 30 Pads
  • 21 Sequences
  • 11 Synths
  • 4 Keys
  • 1 FX
  • 1 WTF!!

See the Diva sound pack walkthrough below 

Compatible with Diva VST, Audio Unit and AAX. 

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