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Eventide Space / H9 – 50 Cosmic FX Presets

Eventide Space / H9 – 50 Cosmic FX Presets

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Looking for better Eventide Space & H9 Max Effects Presets?

Grab these 50 Cosmic Effects Presets for Space Pedal & H9 Pedal.
Here you will find all what you need to transform your Guitar, Synth and Instruments into a galactic sounding instrument!

Delving the deepest parts of the extending Universe with the amazing sounding Eventide Effects series!

What's included?
Beautiful long reverbs with lush tails and long decays.
Freeze functions for drones and ambient structures.
Analog delays and Timefactor delay emulations Space.
Distorted leads and pads
Multi level movements via use of the LFO & Envelope modulation.

All 50 presets are modelled as insert type fx and will designed for use with with your Space Pedal & H9 (MAX) only!

See the Eventide Space / H9 Max presets in use here.

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