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FabFilter - Pro Bundle

FabFilter - Pro Bundle

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The Pro Bundle contains invaluable tools for mixing and mastering: our professional EQ, reverb, limiter, multi-band dynamics, compressor, de-esser and gate/expander plug-ins.

Take on any challenge with confidence. The FabFilter Pro Bundle is an essential for artists, producers, mixing, and mastering engineers who aim for the highest quality results. With these tools at your disposal, there are no excuses. FabFilter has carefully selected seven of their favorite, award-winning plugins for you to explore and enjoy.

Shape your sound using the legendary Pro-Q3 equalizer. Utilize a wide range of dynamic processors to control unwanted peaks and infuse excitement into your audio. The inclusion of Pro-G minimizes the risk of excessive bleed, preserving recording quality, while Pro-R is your go-to choice for adding the final polish to any mix. Compatible with most DAWs, it's time to unlock new realms of creativity with FabFilter.

What's Included

  • FabFilter Pro-MB
  • FabFilter Pro-L2
  • FabFilter Pro-Q3
  • FabFilter Pro-C2
  • FabFilter Pro-DS
  • FabFilter Pro-G
  • FabFilter Pro-R
  1. Pro-Q 3: An advanced equalizer plugin with dynamic EQ capabilities, surround support, and a user-friendly interface.

  2. Pro-MB: A professional multiband compressor/expander with precise control over audio dynamics.

  3. Pro-L 2: A top-tier limiter and maximizer plugin for transparent loudness and peak level management.

  4. Pro-C 2: A versatile compressor plugin with various compression styles and advanced side-chaining options.

  5. Pro-DS: A high-quality de-esser plugin designed to eliminate sibilance and unwanted harshness from vocal recordings.

  6. Pro-G: A precise gate/expander plugin with flexible controls for noise reduction and dynamic shaping.

  7. Pro-R: A high-end reverb plugin offering a wide range of reverberation options and advanced controls for creating immersive spaces.

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