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GForce AXXESS - Sound Bank '79

GForce AXXESS - Sound Bank '79

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The ARP Axxe was a straightforward 70's growl machine, with a clean-cut design and beefy sound. With the AXXESS plug-in, GForce has faithfully modeled the tone of this classic mono synth and added a thoughtful collection of features, including optional polyphony, effects, and their signature X-Modifiers. But the fast and straightforward user interface remains, making this a very fun synth.

A bank of 30 patches, Sound Bank '79 draws from the synthesizer sounds of the 70's and early 80's. The goal of this bank is to highlight the raw analog tone of this instrument with musically useful patches that bring instant inspiration.

**THESE PATCHES WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH THE GFORCE AXXESS PLUG-IN. There are no refunds or exchanges after purchase.**
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