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GForce Software

Gforce Software - impOSCar3

Gforce Software - impOSCar3

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impOSCar3 – Inventive, Imperious, Imperative

At the heart of GForce's impOSCar3 lies the design of the legendary British hardware synth OSCar®. Like the original, its hybrid architecture combines the precision of digital oscillators with the warmth of analogue filters, providing a wide range of sonic possibilities. 

Craft expansive, lush, dark or ambient pads, resonant bells, and precise leads with this exceptional recreation. The finely tuned filter, aligned with the new wavetable editor, blends the best in digital clarity with an unparalleled analogue richness. If that’s not enough, switch to poly-unison for a true wall of sound. Prepare to be surprised.

Unique Filters & New Custom Wavetables

The one-of-a-kind dual filter resides at the core of impOSCar3, providing remarkable character and quality. Multiple configurations of LP, HP, and BP in 2-pole or 4-pole, along with various parallel configurations, open the path to formant-like textures, phasing, and resonance effects that enhance tonal control and widen sonic possibilities.

The brand new wavetable oscillator (containing over 150 presets) and the new user LFO offer huge tonal and modulation power. Design and save your own custom wavetables or draw the partials in an additive style.

Wavetable switching offers a simple yet effective way to explore new tones within a selected patch while retaining the core characteristics of the original sound.

What’s New?

impOSCar3's oscillators have been augmented with fully editable 256-step wavetables drawn as shapes or edited as partials. 

We've added 450+ new factory Patches and our powerful browser to allow easy navigation through the vast array of included patches—over 1800 in total.

Additionally, 4 new macros, a new reverb, an improved layout, a user-designable LFO editor, aftertouch control, undo & redo, a fully scalable UI and more. Finally, we’ve simplified the operation of the instrument whilst keeping all its depths and compatibility with legacy impOSCar2 patches.

A Trailblazing Hybrid Synthesizer with a Legacy of Innovation

The instrument that inspired impOSCar3 was designed in the UK in the early 1980s. It was renowned for its pioneering integration of digital and analogue technologies in a synthesiser. Uniquely equipped with digital oscillators, it could generate standard analogue waveforms and up to 24 distinctive user-defined digital waveforms, offering an exceptionally broad sound palette. Additionally, it featured a dual filter—both high-pass and low-pass—that could operate simultaneously for intricate sound sculpting. Its iconic yellow membrane panel set it apart visually and underscored its distinctive design. Only 2,000 units were made. impOSCar3 faithfully celebrates this unique classic while significantly expanding its capabilities.

A deep and unique playground with no equal

impOSCar3 provides a rich trove of inspiration and a deep and unique sound design playground. For patch design, we invited professional sound designers and artists to explore the vast sonic possibilities of impOSCar3. 

These include Jogging House, Sandunes, Nadia Struiwigh, PKH, The Unfinished, Jordan Passmore, GEOsynths, Christian Laffitte, Richard Veenstra and Ramon Kerstens (K/V), Polydata, Patricia Wolf, Zardonic, Plughugger, Reverb Machine, Tom Hall, Boudicca’s Bass Service, Dave Spiers, and more. 

Together, they have contributed 450+ new patches to complement the existing  1350+ legacy patches, some of which were designed by legends such as Billy Currie (Ultravox), Darren Price & Rick Smith (Underworld), as well as Paul Wiffen (the original OSCar sound designer and programmer for Stevie Wonder & Jean Michel Jarre).

impOSCar3 – Plugin features

  • An authentic-sounding emulation of a British synth classic

  • The same incredible award-winning sound 

  • 9 Filter modes with Drive, Cutoff, Q and Separation

  • LP, HP or BP 2-pole or 4-pole 

  • LP in parallel with BP, LP in parallel with HP, and BP in parallel with HP

  • [New] Wavetable and Wavetable editor

  • [New] Over 1800 presets, including 450+ new presets

  • [New] Over 150 wavetable presets

  • [New] Powerful Preset Browser

  • [New] Fully-scalable UI

  • [New] User LFO Editor with 25+ User LFO presets

  • [New] Matrix Reverb effect

  • [New] Four programmable Macros for easy manipulation of sounds

  • Chord Mode and Arpeggiator

  • Backward preset compatibility

  • Mono Unison and Poly Unison Modes

  • Note Pan Modes, Unison Voice Pan

  • Ring Modulator, Chorus and Delay

  • Programmable Velocity Responses and Aftertouch

Plugin Compatibility

Mac: Standalone Application, AudioUnit, AAX, VST and VST3

PC: Standalone Application, AAX, VST and VST3

The Minimum System Requirements for Mac are as follows:

  • Intel or Apple Silicon Mac

  • macOS 10.15.x or above

The Minimum System Requirements for PC are as follows:

  • 2GHz CPU with 2GB RAM

  • Windows 7 and above

Note: All trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners.OSCar is a trademark of Oxford Synthesiser Company Limited.


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