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Hydrasynth - Nibiru

Hydrasynth - Nibiru

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Nibiru provides 64 Presets for ASM Hydrasynth

This sound pack provides you big sounds for the Hydrasynth. Everything from warm sounding analogue (From a digital synth!) to huge Poly pads (Check out the beautiful Poly 80 pad)

Looking for better sounds to upgrade your Hydrasynth with? This pack is ideal for Electronic genres such as Synthwave, Electro, Outrun, Neo-80s, Ambient.

Extremely musical sounding presets, ready to drop into production duty right away.

What is the Hydrasynth?

Utilizing an advanced wavetable synthesis engine, 3 Oscillators, dual Wave Mutators and 2 filters that can be configured in series or parallel, the tone generating capabilities are unmatched.

Combining multiple synthesis methods such as 
  • wavetables
  • linear FM
  • WavePWM 
  • subtractive
8-voice polyphony, with 3 x oscillators per voice and 4 x Mutator waveshapers total 7 types of Mutator waveshapers — FM-Lin, WaveStack, PW-Orig, PW-Squeeze, PW-ASM, Harmonic Sweep, and Hard sync.

The 3 oscillators allow you to choose from a selection of 219 single cycle waveforms. ​ 
Wavemorphing is a feature usually found on synths with preset wavetables. Creating user wavetables is arduous or downright impossible. 

Unlike most wavetable synths, our oscillators 1 & 2 have our WAVELIST mode. This mode allows you to pick and choose 8 waves, from our bank of 219, arrange them in the order you want, and then morph from one to another.
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