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Espen Kraft

Kawai K3 / K3M

Kawai K3 / K3M

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Kawai K3/K3m patch bank from Espen Kraft

50 brand new patches (tones) for all kinds of genres; Soundtracks, ambient music, games, pop and more. The Kawai K3 and K3m (module) is a fantastic hybrid synth from the mid 80s. It has digitally stored waveforms and analog filters.

It's in the ballpark of the Korg DW-8000, Prophet VS, PPG and the Ensoniq ESQ.  The K3/K3m has the most firm and solid low end of any synth that came out of the 80s and it's a secret weapon that deserves more recognition.

To help achieve that this Kawai patch bank has been crafted specifically to provide the most musical sounds possible. Each carefully planned and programmed accordingly.

These patches are in a sysex format and included are both the individual sysex files as well as the complete sysex bank.

Please refer to the Kawai K3 manual download HERE for how to upload these files into your K3/K3m.

Compatibility Note: These patches will NOT work for any other Kawai synth like the K1, K4 or K5000. These are totally different synths.

Kawai Sound Pack Patch Names:

1. TG Bells
2. Celts
3. Light Bass
4. Pluck
5. Soft Pad
6. Fat Memo Bass M
7. Elfs Bells
8. Sacrale
9. Key Bells (release)
10. Simple Bass
11. Phasey Pad
12. Alias
13. Subdu Strings
14. Filtered Piano
15. Hybrid Guitar
16. Hybrid Guitar 2
17. Reverse Bells
18. Auto Bend
19. Hybrid Bass M
20. Dreamy
21. Voxy
22. Sweat Dreams
23. VCA Arp
24. Forever Pad
25. Squelchy
26. Smooth R Bass M
27. TG Bells 2
28. C.Harp
29. VP Bells
30. '85 Strings
31. Chart Bells
32. Ambi Organ
33. Dual Bells
34. Air Pad
35. Digi James
36. Perfect Arp
37. Berlin
38. Glatt Bass
39. Hybrid Guitar 3
40. Plucky Pad
41. N-Bells
42. Alias Lead P,M
43. Strings & Guitars
44. Synthy Glock
45. Hollow Lead
46. Mullet
47. Vib Bells
48. Sacrale 2
49. Radio Strings
50. Texture
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