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Phase Plant - Past And Present

Phase Plant - Past And Present

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Over 750 presets for the Kilohearts Phase Plant Plugin.

Created by renowned Amiga Musician XTD - They've created a pack with a distinct nod to the past with the benefits of todays plugin technology.

Inside this Phase Plant sound pack you'll find lush old-school sounds such as 8-bit ARPS and chip leads alongside many more modern sounds such as synthwave leads, pads, variety of basses ideal for creating any kind of music - from yesterdays chords and melodies with a modern twist of Phase Plants modulation to help bring more life and movement to old-school music and modern deep distorted rich sounds, bright keys and pads for creating modern music.

This pack is brimmed with sounds that focus on being immediately useful with the ability to drop into your productions with ease or provide classic ideas to kick-start new musical endeavours with. 

XTD puts emphasis not on show-boating the sound design skills but instead on sounds that you'll put to use.

You will find sounds for every genre in this pack, especially when you need nice sounds perfect for creating music.

What's included?

  • Too much to list! 
  • With over 750 sounds at your fingertips this is a pack that's best discovered and played.


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Customer Reviews

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Snagged this a few weeks ago

Was invited to review but no other push - Pack works for me cause lots of sounds available and most worth using.. definitely expanded my plugin folder for the better and already used some sound in project rather then just noodling