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Microfreak - Freaky Electrons

Microfreak - Freaky Electrons

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Freaky Electrons Sound Pack for Arturia MicroFreak

Solidtrax presents Freaky Electrons, a preset pack for the Arturia MicroFreak. a sound pack crammed with 65 presets with a focus on a wide variety of sounds including basses, leads, pads, effects, hypnotic sequences and even drums. The presets are inspired by a lot of electronic dance music producers from this era and the sounds will easily fit in genres like EDM, IDM Trance, Techno and House.

With no less than a whopping 18 oscillator types and an analog multimode filter, the sound palette of the MicroFreak is really broad and inspiring. You can easily get lost in this compact sound design wonder with oscillator types ranging from 'Basic Waves' to 'Wavetable' and 'Two Operator FM' to the 'SawX' from Noise Engineering.

Most presets will use either aftertouch or velocity and make heavy use of the modulation matrix. The presets focus on electronic dance music and are created for and with the latest OS4.

Let's make some electrons flow!

What's included in this sound pack?

65 presets for the Arturia MicroFreak

17 percussion sounds
14 lead sounds
11 basses
8 sequences
7 pad sounds
3 key sounds
1 Brass
1 Vocoder preset

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