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Microkorg XL - Cosmica

Microkorg XL - Cosmica

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64 Ambient Presets in this 'Cosmica' Sound Pack for Korg Microkorg XL and XL+

It is hard to believe that such beautiful otherworldly sounds can emanate from such a tiny synth!

This is the Cosmica sound pack for the Korg MicroKorg XL

Providing you with 64 of the most beautiful, warm, analog & deep sounds for this tiny powerhouse of a synthesizer. 

These sounds are ready to drop into your productions or live performances and offer a variety of timbres, tones and textures including:

  • Massive strings, 
  • CS spirit type strings, 
  • Evolving cosmic pads & drones, 
  • Beautiful sharp plucks & poly
  • Motion arps and sequences

A pack of entirely hand crafted Microkorg presets all reacting on velocity and modulation wheel for extensive performance options.

Whether you're looking to expend your Microkorg with further sound options or just explore new sounds for inspiration and creativity, this pack offers you a beautiful new world of sound to own for your Microkorg.

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