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MoPho - MoPho Maniac

MoPho - MoPho Maniac

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41 Presets for the DSI Mopho

This DSI Mopho sound pack is made for the MoPho synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments, a high quality but affordable mono synth with a 100% analog signal path!

The preset pack contains 41 carefully created presets which do this amazing synthesizer justice.

Our preset usage tricks make this sound like a polyphonic synthesizer.

Everything you hear in the video is from the MoPho, with minor usage of some additional delay and reverb you can hear this hardware synth sing.

What's included? 
  • 41 presets for Dave Smith Instruments MoPho
  • 17 Basses
  • 8 Kickdrums
  • 6 Effect Sounds
  • 4 Leads
  • 2 Hihats
  • 2 Sequences
  • 1 Pad
  • 1 Clap
Includes Soundtower files and SYSEX format bank.
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