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A Lofi, chillwave downtempo sample pack

Over 600mb of unpacked Lo-fi sample content. 

This downtempo is packed to the brim with nostalgic lo-fi goodness.

A combination of raw and retro sounding aesthetic with deep and emotive musicality and music loops which are soaked in tape saturation, soulful character and vibe.

This sample pack is packed with cassette-crunched melodics, mutated bass-lines, foley infused drum patterns and percussion, organic dusty textures, grainy FX and One Shots,

If you're looking for something to inspire or just slot into your current projects this lo-fi sample pack is ideal for your next left field, lo-fi ambient, chillwave, synthwave and cinematic track.

Sample Pack Contents

Over 140 individual WAV samples including:

  • 25 Basslines
  • 30 Mutated drum loops
  • 10 FX textures
  • 20 Melodic loops
  • 30 Percussion loops
  • 20 Synth pads
  • 10 Snare/Clap/Rim one-shots
  • 10 Kick one-shots
  • 10 Percussion one shots

WIth an emphasis on quality this pack is recorded at 48khz/24 bit and is compatible with all major software samples such as Kontakt, Battery and DAW samplers as well as many mainstream hardware samples such as the modern Akai MPC and Elektron Octatrack

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