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Tom Wolfe Presets

Omnisphere - Binaural Soundscapes

Omnisphere - Binaural Soundscapes

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Bringing binaural audio to Omnisphere for the very first time, Binaural Soundscapes is a collection of 50 presets and 72 soundsources with a cinematic nature. By placing serene, atmospheric ambience in a 3D binaural space, Binaural Soundscapes makes use of this groundbreaking technique to create the biggest, most spacious textures for Omnisphere that you’ve ever heard. Full of huge, shimmering ambience and deep cinematic atmosphere, Binaural Soundscapes is perfect if you’re a producer or composer who wants to take your tracks and cues out of the 2D spectrum, and elevate them to the next level. 

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