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Omnisphere 2 - Hardwired

Omnisphere 2 - Hardwired

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155 Omnisphere Patches comprising: 

The emphasis is on the darkly cinematic, cyberpunk and industrial. Here’ you’re going to find arp and bpms that that are gritty and dark. Synths, Textures and Transitions, all with an edge of nasty. 

As with all our releases, presets make much use of modulation possibilities and pushing the mod wheel is always likely to result in interesting results. 

You will need a licensed and up to date version of Spectrasonics Omnisphere2 to use these patches.

What's included in this pack?

  • 40        ARP + BPM
  • 4          DISTORTION
  • 14        HITS + BITS
  • 6          KEYBOARDS
  • 5          NOISESCAPES
  • 5          PADS + STRINGS
  • 6          STRING MACHINES
  • 18        SYNTH BASS
  • 25        SYNTH POLY

Installation: download Hardwired, place in suitable location. Open your DAW, open an instance of Omnisphere2. Go to Utility menu, click Install .omnisphere, locate where you placed Lapis Lazuli and install. If you have any problems, please consult the Omnipshere2 manual.

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