Phase Plant - One Hundred More Vol. 3

Phase Plant - One Hundred More Vol. 3

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Volume 3 of the popular Phaseplant Sound Pack series with 100 new fresh Phase Plant presets.

One Hundred More Vol. 3, a dynamic sound pack designed exclusively for Kilohearts Phase Plant, featuring a captivating collection of 100 meticulously crafted sounds spanning across all genres. This versatile library is a sonic treasure trove, inviting producers and musicians to embark on a sonic exploration and infuse their compositions with depth and character.

Most of sounds are velocity sensitive and contains modwheel control. Plus sometimes extra controls for even more fun.

In the video above, you can listen to several sounds from this collection.

Unleash your creative potential with "One Hundred More Vol. 3" and let its diverse sounds inspire your musical journey. Whether you are a seasoned producer or an aspiring artist, this sound pack is the perfect companion for expanding your sonic horizons and creating music that resonates with your unique vision.
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