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Prologue - Arakis

Prologue - Arakis

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Dune inspired sound pack for Korg Prologue

Welcome to the Desert of Arakis!

Derived by inspiration of the reboot of “Dune” This is a a complete soundset for Korg Prologue 8/16!

55 Korg Prologue presets and patches with wide range in timbrality, texture and tone. This sound pack provides you get all you need for writing your desert or sci-fi soundtrack, electronic song, ambient & cinematic music.

Crammed with massive basses, lovely leads, unusual modular arpeggios and recreation of famous sounds of Juno & CS Series with Beautiful cinematic strings, massive, wide organic pads, low drones, bells and plucks.

No external Osc and Fx were used.

Enjoy the sounds & be inspired by the sands of the deepest desert!

Note:  This sound (for now) not compatible with XD Minilogue, but stay tuned for updates on that front. 

How to install Korg Prologue Sounds, Patches and Presets.
  • Use Prologue Sound Librarian to load our sounds
  • Use File - Load Program Data and load presets one by one.
  • Or use  Arakis Soundset (300-)prlglib file to load all at once (caution! it can rewrite your internal sounds).
  • With library file our presets are starting at 300S
  • Use Free Locations or Backup Your Sounds first!
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