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Prophet 12 - The Gentle Touch Vol. 4

Prophet 12 - The Gentle Touch Vol. 4

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99 Premium patches for Sequential Prophet-12 hardware Synthesizer.  

When Sequential announced at the start of the year that they had finally decided to retire the Prophet 12 Module I was inspired by all the online chatter and tributes and jumped into making another bank of patches.

Many patches feature per note modulation and Mod wheel for movement with an emphasis of straying outside of the usual bread and butter type sounds

What's included?

99 patches, Including splits, stacks and single patches. 

This time going even further with the Linear FM and Waveshape Morph side of things and made lots of evolving pads and keys for you to drift into tonal space with, including Arp's and lead synths to bring balance to the sound pack.

What is the Prophet-12?

The Prophet 12’s hybrid voice has a digital front end going into an all analog signal path output.

Each voice has four high resolution digital oscillators a sub oscillator, a digital effects section, resonant Curtis low-pass filter, high-pass filter, a tuneable feedback circuit, four-tap delay line with feedback per line, four loopable five-stage envelope generators, four syncable LFOs with slew and phase offset, a sophisticated arpeggiator, and a sixteen slot modulation matrix with 26 mod sources and 97 modulation destinations.

The Prophet 12 is packed with a plethora of sonic potential and power! The digital oscillators can be amplitude modulated and frequency modulated with either standard or classic DX-style linear FM. They can be freely assigned in whatever operator and modulator configurations you would choose.

You can even assign each of the oscillators to modulate LFOs, envelopes, and filters.

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