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Prophet-5 - Chords Vol.2

Prophet-5 - Chords Vol.2

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‘Chords Vol.2’ contains 40 patches for the Sequential Prophet 5/10 Rev.4.

‘Chords Vol.2’ features overdriven unison sounds, resonant rhythmic patches, plucky dub sounds, dreamy lo-fi sounds, trippy synth sounds, warped noise patches and much more.

Explore the rich world of chord sounds with the Sequential Prophet-5 synthesizer. Unleash an array of harmonious chords and lush textures, elevating your musical compositions with its iconic analog warmth. Dive into the Prophet-5's legendary oscillators, envelopes, and filters to create dynamic chord progressions that captivate listeners. Discover the essence of vintage analog synthesis and produce captivating melodies that resonate with depth and character. Elevate your soundscapes and melodies with the Prophet-5's signature chord capabilities, making every note a sonic masterpiece.
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