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Prophet 5 - Motion

Prophet 5 - Motion

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Motion contains 40 patches for the Sequential Prophet 5/10

This sound set explores movement in sound. ‘Motion’ features dusty tremolo sounds, hypnotic synth swells , fluttering pads, noisy oscillating synth sounds and much more.

Take your music to new dimensions with our extraordinary Sequential Prophet-5 Sounds with Motion Sound Pack. Designed to captivate and inspire, this collection of presets combines the timeless brilliance of the Prophet-5 with dynamic motion and evolving textures.

Immerse yourself in a sonic journey where every note comes alive with movement and depth. Each preset in this sound pack has been carefully crafted to evolve and transform over time, adding a sense of intrigue and excitement to your compositions.

From mesmerizing pads that ebb and flow, to pulsating rhythmic sequences that drive your music forward, this sound pack offers an unparalleled level of creativity. Let your tracks breathe with the dynamic motion of evolving soundscapes, creating an immersive and captivating listening experience.

The Sequential Prophet-5 Sounds with Motion Sound Pack is designed for musicians, producers, and sound enthusiasts who crave sonic exploration and experimentation.

Push the boundaries of your creativity as you sculpt evolving textures, build tension, and create sonic landscapes that transcend the ordinary.
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