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Prophet 5 - Pluck

Prophet 5 - Pluck

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Pluck contains 40 patches for the Sequential Prophet 5/10

‘Pluck’ features clavinets, electric pianos, plucky squares, fast unison synth sounds, resonant plucks and much more.

Ignite your creativity with the mesmerizing plucked sounds of the Sequential Prophet-5 Pluck Sound Pack. Designed to inspire, this collection of presets will add a touch of magic and charm to your compositions, whether you're crafting electronic, pop, or ambient music.

The Sequential Prophet-5 Pluck Sound Pack is designed to empower musicians and producers with the versatility and expressiveness of plucked sounds. Don't settle for ordinary sounds. Elevate your music with the captivating plucked tones of the Sequential Prophet-5 Pluck Sound Pack.

Download now and unlock a world of creativeity to help you produce enchanting melodies, rhythmic sequences, and memorable hooks that will captivate your listeners and set your music apart. Let your creativity soar with the Prophet-5 Pluck Sound Pack today!
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