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Prophet 6 - FM Sound Pack Vol. 2

Prophet 6 - FM Sound Pack Vol. 2

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This is the 2nd volume sound pack of 50 patches with sequences for the excellent Sequential Prophet-6 analog synthesizer. All of these patches use Oscillator 2 as an audio rate modulation source via the Poly Mod section. FM on this synth is a big part of what makes it exciting for me and I hope these patches help you see it in a fresh way. Other than the drum and sound effects patches, they are all tuned and transposed to be used with the standard 12 tone scale.

Sounds load into slots 250-299 as default. It's recommended to first back up your patches before loading in new ones.

Note these patches use the latest firmware with the "Vintage Knob" functionality. Additionally, each analog synth is slightly different, if you're patches are sounding a bit out of tune, slightly adjust the "OSC 2" amount in the Poly Mod section until it sounds right.


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