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G-Sonique - Pultronic EQ-110P

G-Sonique - Pultronic EQ-110P

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It is an emulation of the classic professional parametric vacuum tube equalizer from 50's and 60's. We programmed the Pultronic EQ-110P equalizer in the way

that it can add real and hearable warm, color and dynamics of the vacuum tube devices into your music. Many frequency and amplitude analysis of input and 

output impulses from real vintage vacuum tubes were used during the development. These impulses were recorded via the real vintage devices which allowed us to 

achieve the excellent and realistic results. Thanks to this process you can choose from several algorithms which emulate the various vacuum tubes in order to 

achieve the wide spectrum of the music colors. We put our rich experience with analog electronic devices into the development of this product so the virtual 

schema of the Pultronic is very similar to the real circuits of the electronic equalizers.

The equalizer contains 4 parametric filters: Low frequency cut, Low frequency boost, Middle frequency cut / boost, High frequency boost 

These equalizing circuits allow you to "sweet" color of the sound as well as softly saturate it and emphasize the bass and treble frequencies. The parameters 

like Warmth, Saturation and Brilliance can be used to adjust the characteristics of the output amplifying vacuum tubes.

The Pultronic equalizer EQ-110P is suitable for recording, tracking and mixing.

Don't hesitate to color your digital records with lovely&sweet as well as dirty&warm sound from the beautiful age of 60's !!!

- 4 parametric filters with sweet coloring sound: 

- Low frequency cut                              

- Low Frequency boost

- Middle frequency cut / boost

- High frequency boost

 All with the parameters like gain, boost, cut, frequency, bandwidth.

- The unique emulation of input and output amplifying vacuum tubes which closely imitates the all features and advantages of the vacuum tubes like: tender

  softening and limitation of the sharp transients, to soften and to sphere the sound, to color it, to solid it and to warm it. This technology is capable of adding

  the wide spectrum of harmonics including the first harmonics to your records. 1st harmonics is something that is very difficult to simulate in the digital world 

  and it is very rare in digital plugins!

- Parametres Warmth, Saturation drive a Brillance

- 2X Oversampling and anti alliasing algorythms:

- 5 selectable Low frequency vacuum tube types for selecting the final sound character of bass spectrum:

- Class A Tube

- Warm tube

- Vintage tube

- Dirty vintage tube

- 12AX7 Tube

- 6 selectable High frequency vacuum tube types for selecting the final sound character of high frequency spectrum:

- 12AX7 Tube 

- Classic tube

- Warm tube

- Class A Tube

- Vintage tube

- Dirty vintage tube 

- Input and output vacuum tube volume stages

- Bypass on/off function

- Preset Manager

Windows only
VST plug-in 32 bit
VST plug-in 64bit

Requirements: Pentium III 1200 Mhz / 256 MB Ram

Windows XP/7/8/10, VST/VSTi compliant host (Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Sonar, Reaper) Try DEMO before buy to test compatibility with your system and DAW, no refund available.


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