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Relab - LX480 Dual Engine Reverb V4

Relab - LX480 Dual Engine Reverb V4

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The most accurate emulation of Lexicon 480L

The LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb Plug-in is the only sample accurate dual-engine recreation of the original hardware that gets you that legendary reverb sound.

Finally experience the same industry-leading sound quality that top mixers and producers have trusted for years.

Introducing The LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb V4

The LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb Plug-in is the definitive recreation of a legendary digital reverb from the mid-1980s and early 90s.

It is the next evolution in our critically-acclaimed LX480 reverbs, used on countless hit records and films by the top mixers in the world.

As the only plug-in version with two independent effect engines, the LX480 gives you unprecedented flexibility and control.

And it doesn’t stop there…

The LX480 also includes an ultra-modern high definition 32-bit reverb algorithm, stereo width controls, lush reverb chorus & twin-delays with cross-feedback.

Plus, you get continuous controls, flexible filters, enhanced ER delay lines, intuitive quick controls, and a resizable display.

With this combination of industry-leading sound quality, and modern versatility, the LX480 is the perfect tool for discerning mixers and producers looking to create distinctive, deep & wide mixes that are second to none.

The LX480 Is The Only Sample-Accurate Dual-Engine Recreation Available Of This Legendary Reverb

Lexicon 480L Reverb vs Relab LX480

The LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb plug-in is the only recreation available truly faithful to the original with dual-engine capability and added modern functionality to bring this classic reverb into the 21st century.

The LX480 not only sets a new standard for quality and accuracy in plugin-based reverb emulations but also takes on industry-leading hardware reverbs.

We believe this is the most accurate and versatile recreation ever created of this legendary reverb.

And we’re not the only ones who feel that way…

It's Five Powerful Reverbs In One

The LX480 puts 40 years worth of classic reverb algorithms right at your fingertips, so you have fast & easy access to the best-sounding reverbs all in one plug-in.

It's Double The Power With A Dual-Engine

The LX480 Dual-Engine Reverb is the only recreation to include the Dual-Engine routing capabilities from the original.

This allows you to use two LX480 algorithms at once in 4 unique engine configurations so you can unleash your creativity and experiment with new sounds.

It's A Multi-Effect Unit

With the Twin Delays algorithm, you get classic doubling effects, ping-pong delays, and unique sophisticated and complex echo patterns.

Use the Panorama algorithm to widen the sound of any stereo source or the added width control for mono summing, phase inversion, channel swapping, and more

Craft Rich and Lush Vintage Reverbs From the 70s and Early 80s

We’ve added a full chorus engine so you can go way beyond the hardware to get those lush, vintage reverb tails so wildly loved in the very early days of digital.

Get Ultra Modern Reverb Sounds That Rival High-End Hardware 10x The Price

With Random Hall HD and 32-bit float mode, for the first time ever, you now get a High-Definition version, which takes advantage of the processing power available in modern computers.

We’re pushing the limits to give you a reverb that rivals modern hardware reverbs 10x the price.

Immerse Yourself In Rich Reverb Luxury Today! (Without Breaking The Bank)

The original 1986 hardware was met with much praise, and many still regard it as one of the finest reverbs ever created. At the time, it cost a whopping $20 000 (that’s more than $50 000 today!)

There was an additional 6 years spent researched and developing updates, with a final software upgrade (V4.10) in the early 90s.

Even though prices have dropped over the years for used units, the original hardware still fetches around $5000.

Luckily, we managed to get our hands on an immaculately maintained “golden unit” from the famous Hit Factory in NYC.

And now we’ve made it possible for you to enjoy one of the finest reverbs ever created, at a fraction of the cost and get the exact sound you’re looking for, without compromise.

The LX480 will set the new standard for reverb plugins in the future.


  • Create distinctive, deep & wide mixes that are second to none
  • Enjoy instantly recallable unique dual-effect chains
  • Explore hundreds of new hand-crafted premium presets to spark your imagination
  • Gives You The Exact Sound Of The Original So You Can Be More Confident In Your Mix Decisions
  • Helps You Quickly Create Those Classic Reverb Tails For Instantly Distinctive Mixes
  • Makes It Easy To Craft A Sense Of Space That Gets Your Mixes Noticed
  • Fast and Easy LX480 Quick Start Guide and "How To" Reverb Cheat Sheets
  • Access To A Private Community of Passionate Like-Minded Pro-Audio Pros
  • Best In Class Customer Support

Tech Specs



OS X Mac OS X (10.9 or higher)

Memory: 2 GB

CPU: Mac M1 support using Rosetta only at this time (native support coming soon)

Plugins: VST-2, AU, AAX



Windows 7 or higher

Memory: 2 GB

CPU: Core2 or higher

Plugins: VST-2, AAX

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