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Repro 1 / 2 - Dualism

Repro 1 / 2 - Dualism

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A Retro Synthwave Repro-1 / Repro-2 Preset Pack 

Washed up from the shores of 80s Miami a pack of cyber grade presets for U-he Repro-1 and Repro-5 cut exclusively for indie, electronic, synthwave, synth-pop and other genres.

A collection of sounds inspired by cyberpunk games and synthwave dreams. Hear the sound of JC Denton and inject some fresh electronic styles into your retro projects.

This is not the sound pack of a past this is the sound pack of the future.

What's included?

- Repro-1

  • 9 Bass
  • 9 Leads
  • 3 Sequences

- Repro-5

  • 19 Pads
  • 19 Synths
  • 3 Bass
  • 4 FX
  • 3 Leads
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