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Repro5 - Radiolucent Vol.1

Repro5 - Radiolucent Vol.1

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150 Repro-5 Presets for one of the most analogue synth emulations available right now.

A collection of sounds for Repro-5 featuring classic and contemporary Bass, Leads, Keys, Pads and FX.

Most presets feature drastic sound changes via Aftertouch, Mod-wheel and Velocity.

All presets are internally tagged and also include NKS presets with previews.

Radiolucent represents an audible escape into synthesis and exploration, with a huge range of sounds to inspire your next projects.

These patches have both subtle and dramatic changes in tone and character using the 2 available mod slots, Aftertouch, Velocity and the mod wheel assign functions.

Featuring Classic and Contemporary Basses, Leads, Keys, Pads and Fx

These patches have been inspired by the Prophet 12 built specifically for the most authentic sounding Prophet 5 Analog synth plugin currently on the market, Repro-5.

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