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Espen Kraft

Retro JX-8P Vol. 2

Retro JX-8P Vol. 2

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Espen Kraft presents brand new Roland JX8P Patches.

A pack with 32 high quality retro inspired Roland JX-8P patches.

All made for your Synthpop, Italo Disco and Synthwave with some excellent flexibility for other genres too, whichever style you're making.

These JX-8P patches are all hand crafted with love, care and affection for the 80s. Made with velocity dynamics in mind, with some patches focussing on being tweaked to suit your needs, with ALL presets made to sound glossy, production-ready and usable for playing.

The bass patches will sound even more fat if you enable "Unison detune" on the 8P.

See my YouTube channel for a tutorial on how to accomplish this if you've never used that on the 8P. It's a feature that not many are aware of.

Installation insight

This bank has 32 individual SYSEX-files so that you can replace individual patches in your own 8P if you want. The original 8P cannot do "bulk" dumps of banks either. These patches are also 100% compatible with the excellent FREE VST JX-8P emulator PG-8X as well, so you can use the patches in your DAW, totally ITB if you want to. *see included READ ME included in the download for license agreements.

What's included?
  • 16 pads
  • 7 bells 
  • 9 basses
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