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n-side waves

Roland System-8 - Digital Voices

Roland System-8 - Digital Voices

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N-Side Waves Roland System-8 Digital Voices sound demo

Unveil the enigmatic allure of "Digital Voices", a captivating collection of 64 presets tailored for the Roland System-8 synthesizer. 
Delve into a realm where echoes of science fiction and dystopian landscapes collide with soft, warm and sometimes cold FM pads, 
evolving digital textures, plucks and haunting bells, synthesizer sequences and monophonic leads that cut through the atmospheric haze, guiding listeners on a journey through the unknown.
The sounds have been programmed on the Roland System-8 hardware synthesizer, however they can be loaded on the Roland Cloud Vst plugin as well.
You can listen to some sounds used in a musical context in the video or listen to a demo of each of the 64 patches in the playlist below.
Sounds recorded straight from the System-8, without external effects.

The sound pack includes :

  • 21 Pads
  • 12 Synth Sounds
  • 11 Sounds for Basslines or Sequences
  •  6 Bells
  •  4 Effects
  •  6 Leads
  •  2 Bass 
  •  2 Electric Pianos
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