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Serato - DJ Suite

Serato - DJ Suite

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Serato DJ Suite

Ultimate all-in-one suite for Serato DJ Pro

The ultimate all-in-one suite for Serato DJ Pro comes with massive savings

The DJ Suite comes complete with the following:

The ultimate all-in-one suite for Serato DJ Pro comes with massive savings of USD 154.

The Serato DJ Suite is perfect for Serato DJ Lite users who are looking to upgrade to Serato DJ Pro and take advantage of every Serato DJ Pro Expansion Pack, all for a crazy price.

Get more information about what's included below.

Serato DJ Pro

From the unknown to the greatest, Serato DJ Pro is the most popular DJ software globally. When you're about Hip-Hop, Dance, and everything in between, you're looking at the standard.

Serato Play

Fully-featured DJing with just your laptop. You can DJ without any hardware connected and access features such as EQ, FX, Filters, and your other expansion packs.

Serato Video

Easily add video to your DJ workflow and become your own VJ with Serato Video. Control video the same way as audio. Visual effects, transitions or adding your own logo are all super simple.

Serato FX

Add over 60 customizable DJ effects from idustry leaders iZotope. You’ll get everything from echos and delays to creative noise synths.

Serato Flip

Serato Flip is an easy way to make DJ edits and remixes directly in Serato DJ Pro. Extend, shorten, edit, remix or reshuffle.

Serato DVS

Connect turntables or media players such as CDJs to supported hardware, giving you the ability to control Serato DJ Pro using Noisemap™ Control tone Vinyl or CDs.

Serato P'nT DJ

Add the industry-leading technology for harmonic mixing to Serato DJ Pro. Pitch 'n Time DJ is essential if you're changing the tempo, using Sync, or shifting the key of your tracks.

Serato Features

  • Serato DJ Pro
  • Serato Play
  • Serato Video
  • Serato FX
  • Serato Flip
  • Serato DVS
  • Serato P'nT DJ

Tech Specs


  • OS X macOS: 13 Ventura 12 Monterey 11 Big Sur
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Disk: 15 GB
  • CPU: Intel core i5 or Apple M1/M2 or higher


  • Windows Windows: 11 10
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Disk: 15 GB
  • CPU: 6th generation Intel core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 3000 series or higher
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