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Serum - Vintage Waves

Serum - Vintage Waves

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120 retro Serum presets.

Finding Serums sound too .. digital? 

This pack uses exclusively created waveforms from a range of synths from Oberheim, Roland, ARP and Moog to bring you a Serum preset pack that gives a unique analogue warmth and character to Serum. 

So authentically analogue in sound you'll double take that you're actually hearing Serum in action.

Using long samples from hardware analogue synths creates wavetables that produce real analogue movement such as detune and pulse width drifting. The wavetables have then been imported into Serum to functional as oscillators then further layered and manipulated to bring a combination of Analogue sound and digital flexibility.

What's included?

  • 24 Bass
  • 24 Keys
  • 27 Leads
  • 12 Pads
  • 16 Sequences
  • 12 Bells
  • 6 FX

These serum presets are suitable for a wide variety of Retro, 80s and other electronic genres such as Synthwave, Outrun and Vaporwave. 

So ditch your digital tone and swap it out for something more analogue sounding and get some more value from your Serum synthesizer.

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